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New ‘The Predator’ Trailer Busts Out a Super Predator

We didn't see this coming.

The first trailer for The Predator, the latest film in the science fiction-horror franchise, ends with the Predator, alien dreadlocks swinging, grabbing a would-be assassin and pinning him against a window. This week, the second trailer for the upcoming sci-fi/horror sequel/reboot shows us what happens right after the first trailer.

In the new footage, a hand pierces the glass, grabs the predator, and hurls him onto the windshield of a car. The hand belongs to—what else—a Super Predator. He looms over his dazed foe, teeth and mouth tentacles flaring. In his brief screen time, we learn that the Super Predator is taller, stronger and more menacing than the original.


Director and co-writer Shane Black (who has the name of an action movie hero himself) isn’t reinventing the wheel so much as he is making it bigger, stronger, more Predator-y. While the original Predator has already wreaked havoc across the globe and in outer space, perhaps only a Super Predator could sufficiently up the ante in the revival. We’ll just have to wait and see.

We don’t know how reverently Black views the canon of the previous Predator films. This new chapter may bring more plot inconsistencies to an inconsistency-riddled franchise, but spectacle always beats story in this series. The prospect of a Super Predator wreaking havoc and battling the original Predator could be enough to satisfy all but the most nitpicky of fans when it hits theaters on September 14.