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New Survey Says Most Parents Avoid Political Babysitters

And we're still spending an arm and a leg every year.

Trying to find a babysitter can be a challenge. You want to find someone nearby, trustworthy and isn’t going to cost you an exorbitant amount. Every year UrbanSitter releases the results of its survey of more than 25,000 families across the U.S that helps determine the average hourly rate of a babysitter and other factors that play into choosing whom to look after our kids. The results of this year’s survey show that most parents avoid hiring babysitters that are political.

The national survey asked participants several questions, and since this is an election year, they sought to find out if politics come into play in hiring babysitters. And turns out politics is a significant point for parents. When asked under which circumstances parents would not hire a sitter based on their political views, 63% of the parents who participated in the survey said they would not hire if the babysitter talked politics with the kids, attempting to sway their beliefs either way.

40% said they wouldn’t hire a sitter if they showed up wearing clothes or a hat supporting the opposing candidate, 20% said having a bumper sticker of the opposing candidate on their car would be a no-hire, and 16% said they wouldn’t hire the babysitter if they knew that they supported the opposing candidate. Of those polled, 34% said that “all’s fair in elections and babysitting,” and the babysitter’s political views would have no impact on their decision to hire or not.

The survey also highlighted that childcare is a huge expense for most parents. 79% of participants shared that childcare is one of the family’s most significant yearly expenses, with 28% saying they end up spending between $30,000 and $75,000 a year on childcare expenses.

These results aren’t too surprising – we know that politics can be a big issue of contention for many people and wanting our kids to not be swayed by others is understandable. The least surprising result is probably the cost — we all know how expensive childcare is, and it’s not getting any better.

Maybe this year’s election will see an improvement on both fronts?