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New ‘Super Smash Bros’ Will be Available on the Nintendo Switch in 2018

The beloved brawler is coming to the Switch.


Who’s ready to rumble? Nintendo announced on Thursday that Super Smash Bros. is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. The beloved brawler, which pits classic video game characters against one another in a battle royal, will presumably have updated graphics and controls. It will definitely provide parents with an outlet to finally take their aggression out on Pikachu and other cartoon characters. 

In the short teaser trailer released, Nintendo wasn’t heavy with the details, so it’s impossible to know both how much has changed about the format of the game and what other characters have been added to the roster. One thing we do know, however, is that it will release in 2018 and bring an updated roster of characters.  In addition to such longtime Smash staples as Mario, Link, and Pikachu, the game will feature the Inklings from Nintendo’s kitschy third-person-shooter Splatoon, among other new additions.

Regardless of what new changes come to town, Smash is set to be a hit with kids once again. Super Smash Bros. has always had a very cartoonish and kid-friendly aesthetic to its beatdowns. Common Sense says the game is ideal for kids 11-years-old and up, while parents who reviewed the game on Common Sense Media were a bit more forgiving, saying that it was fine for children eight and up.

What do parents get out of the deal? Well, if you’re tired of Pikachu and other cheery kids characters from grifting your kids for more money this is your chance to take out your frustrations on Pokémon‘s yellow money-sucker. If only they’d add Daniel Tiger and Peppa Pig to the roster.