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Meet the Porgs: the Newest Adorable ‘Star Wars’ Sidekick Your Kid is Going to Love

The latest trailer has just about everything you could hope for, including a new adorable sidekick.

Last night, the second trailer for The Last Jedi was released, giving fans a deeper look into the highly-anticipated ninth episode of the Star Wars saga. The trailer revealed a lot: Rey’s full-blown power! Snoke’s size! Crystal wolves! A soggy-eyed Kylo! But nothing seemed to elicit as much of a reaction as the penguin-like Porg who’s riding shotgun with Chewie.

The trailer focuses heavily Kylo Ren and Rey, as the two opposite sides of the force coin receive training from their respective mentors. We also see hints of the potential darkness hidden in Rey’s tremendous power, and a dour Kylo who very much looks like he’s deciding whether or not he wants to be the guy who killed both of his parents. There’s a lot for fans to get excited about but the real star of the trailer was Chewie’s new alien co-pilot, an adorable Porg who managed to set the internet ablaze with less than three seconds of screentime.

The Porg’s brief appearance comes during a classic Millennium Falcon chase sequence, providing a dash of comedic relief as Chewie and the gang look to escape certain death. Sure, there is fear on that porg’s face, but it’s honestly too cute to be too concerned. Not much is known about the porgs at this point. According to Wookiepedia, they’re bird-like creatures that come from the island of Ahch-To, where Luke went into hiding after his whole Jedi school experiment went sour.

While most of the Internet collectively swooned over the latest Star Wars sidekick, a few complained that this character might be a little more Jar Jar than BB-8. But it doesn’t really matter whether or not you think the Porgs are great, the same way it doesn’t matter what you think of Minions or baby Groot. These characters were made for merchandising purposes and Porg mania will be real. Kids will desire Porg stuffed animal and action figures and there’s even a Chewie and Porg children’s book releasing in tandem with the film. Better get used to the sight and squawks of the adorable space creature soon.