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New Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Is a Breastfeeding Mom

If you have to bring your baby to the runway, might as well nurse while you're there.


For certain boys growing up in the ’80s, the pages of the Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition were a gateway into another world; a world where women wore much less clothing and always seemed to be just hanging out waiting for you to get the courage to come to the beach and hang out, too. But, in the future, it looks like Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models will combine that aesthetic fantasy with a reality grown-ass men can actually relate to. And that’s because now, the swimsuit models might go ahead and breastfeed the baby while walking the supermodel runway.

Over the weekend, during the Sports Illustrated talent hunt called Swim Search, several models walked the runway in W. South Beach, Florida. And the one who garnered a lot of applause was new mom Mara Martin, who did the whole gig while breastfeeding her 5-month-old-daughter. And, just to be extra responsible, Martin’s daughter was rocking noise-canceling headphones to block out the loud music and cheers from the crowd. It’s unclear if this move was inspired by what Jason Statham did in Fate of the Furious when he rescued Vin Diesel’s son from the plate, but it kind of seems like it was.


All great dads should be supportive of their wife breastfeeding your kid in public, of course, but this brave move from Mara Martin is a great reality check for people who think models aren’t well, actual people, too. The notion of what a mother is or what a good mother looks like is just as varied as what a great dad looks like. And if the future of modeling does include the likes of mom’s like Martin, the world will be better for the change.