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New Research Suggests Your Kids Are Smoking Way Less Weed Than You Did

Here’s some good news: A new study from John Hopkins School Of Public Health finds that marijuana use among teenagers has dropped from 47 to 40 percent between 1999 and 2013. The use of illicit drugs as a whole has declined as well — meth use is down from 9 percent to 3 (screw you, meth!) — and cigarette use is down from 70 to 40 percent over the same period. So, whatever the overall health trends with kids these days, they appear awfully careful when it comes to their lungs.

It would be easy to see this as a repudiation of fears that the increasing availability of weed for both medicinal and recreational use in states across the country would somehow lead to an explosion of stonerhood in the nation’s youth. But, while the overall downward trend is dramatic, there’s been a slight uptick from 37 to 40 percent between 2009 and 2013. That coincides with the movements to legalize or decriminalize in places like Colorado, Washington, and California, but it’s too early to determine a corollary, let alone causation.

One thing that’s not too early to tell? One in 17 college kids now uses marijuana on a daily or near-daily basis. But if they’re huffing grass like it’s going out of style, maybe it’s because — according to their little brothers and sisters — it is.