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New Official ‘Star Wars’ Kids’ Cartoon Answers a Strange Question Nobody Thought To Ask

Adults might be confused, but kids will probably love this.

The story of a galaxy, far, far in Star Wars is always finding new ways to be complicated, but what if everything about all the characters was suddenly made ridiculously simple? A new Star Wars cartoon aimed at very young kids does just that, by answering a strange question literally nobody has ever asked about Star Wars: What if every single character was a ball-shaped droid like BB-8? That’s right, the new cartoon — called Star Wars: Roll Out — will depict a galaxy of a familiar Star Wars peeps all move around in the same way BB-8 does; thanks to the fact that they are mostly balls.

If anyone has a vague memory of the short-lived Star Wars: Angry Birds crossover, or sort of wants to picture what a cartoon show about Star Wars plush-dolls come-to-life would look like, this is it. It’s really weird, but oddly, also arrestingly original for the Star Wars brand. I mean, literally, no one is nostalgic for thinking about Star Wars characters as rolly-polly balls, meaning this one seems overwhelming designed for little toddlers who…you know…love rolling balls.


The most bizarre character to become a rolling ball version of themselves is easily Han Solo, since his primary cutdown against BB-8 in The Force Awakens, was all about the fact that BB-8 was basically a soccer ball; “Move ball,” Han Solo snarled at BB-8 early in the film. So, now that Han Solo is a ball, too, what is BB-8 going to say to him?

The rolling adventures of ball-shaped Star Wars characters has no release date yet, but will likely hit the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel in the next few months.