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Narwhal Fingerlings Are About to Become Your Kid’s Favorite Toy

It might be the cutest one yet.


Fingerlings have been topping the wish lists of kids over the past year—and there’s about to be a new member of the Fingerling family. On Wednesday, WowWee, the company that produces the trendy toys, announced that it will be releasing a Narwhal in March.

“We looked at all the best features from the original series, and what people enjoyed the most from the plush Fingerlings Hugs, and then put that technology into these,” toy designer Sydney Wiseman told

She went on to explain that each Fingerling is equipped with a motion sensor known as “Kiss-Tech.” When the toy comes in contact with something, like a child’s cheek, the Narwhal makes a kissing noise while its horn lights up in different colors (hint: when the horn is rainbow, it means that the Narwhal is at its happiest!).

Kids can also talk to the interactive Narwhals, make them swim, or pet them to see their eyes blink and their tails flip up and down.

Costing $15 a piece, the new Narwhals will come in four different colors, each with their own names: Nikki (turquoise), Nori (blue), Nelly (purple), and Rachel (pink).

According to rumors, the latest Fingerlings will be released at this season’s New York Toy Fair and will be on shelves by April, just in time for Easter shopping.

And if past performance is any indication, the toy, whose slogan is “Friendship at Your Fingertips,” will likely be snatched up quickly. In 2018, WowWee’s Fingerlings won a Toy of the Year Award and was on numerous best-seller lists around the holidays. Not only that, but Wiseman was awarded the prestigious title of Creator of the Year in 2018 for Fingerlings.

What makes the furry friends so popular? Besides being adorable, Fingerlings “create an emotional connection right in front of your face,” Anne-Marie Kehoe, vice president of Walmart’s U.S. toy division, told the New York Times.