Watch Iowa Rappers Spit Rhymes About Suburban Dad Life

It might make good fodder for a Cheever story, but the daily grind of being a suburban dad — packing lunches, taking trips to the hardware store, balancing the checkbook — doesn’t traditionally work in the rap game.

Protige and Eboli, a pair of rappers-turned-fathers in Sioux City, Iowa who perform as DAD (Dope Ass Dudes), want to change that stigma. The duo’s put out tongue-in-cheek tracks about parenting minutia since 2016. And their song, “Go To Work,” is a trap beat banger about a day-in-the-life of dads. The video released — and it’s worth your time.

It nails the sleepy suburban weekend vibe that one can only capture at a Home Depot. Plus, when you listen to these guys confidently spit choice lines such as “Keeping food on the table / That’s the reason I can’t quit / Keeping Wi-Fi and cable / Otherwise, no one would babysit” and “I’m not trying to say the kids are too much / but we just need some time to be people for once,” it works. Bottom line: The subject is funny, but their musicality isn’t.

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If you’re interested in hearing more, DAD’s 2016 release “Night of the Living Dad” is available as a free digital download here and you can buy some of their merch here.