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‘Muppet Babies’ Will Air New Episodes On Disney Junior In 2018

If you were a kid growing up between September 1984 and November 1991, then you might be familiar with Kermit The Frog as a baby and not a sexualized sitcom character. As Deadline reports, the Muppet Babies is coming back to television, so your and your kid can form the same kind of rainbow connection you remember from your childhood.

Disney executives told the entertainment site that the news series will premiere in early 2018 on the Disney Junior network, and be geared towards 4 to 7 year olds (and hopefully their nostalgic parents). The new version will reportedly be CG, but have the same “mixed animation style” style as the original. Each episode will have 2, 11-minute stories that fit with their tiny attention spans and feature the whole gang of original characters from Piggy, to Gonzo, to (hopefully) Scooter’s long lost sister. And of course Nanny — who, as far as anyone knows, was just 2 legs and an old-lady voice.


While reboots can be a mixed bag, the original Muppet Babies was actually just a spinoff of the dream sequence scene in Muppets Take Manhattan. And that turned out way better than most spinoffs (looking at you, American Dad and The Cleveland Show). So, keep an open mind. Best case scenario: they make all your dreams come true.

[H/T] Deadline