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New ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Trailer Is Practically Perfect In Every Way

This sequel might work. Really!

We finally got a first look at Emily Blunt in action as magical nanny Mary Poppins in the sequel to the beloved 1964 film with the trailer and a new poster. Mary Poppins might not have aged a day in the 25 years since she appeared on the doorstep the Banks’ doorstep on Cherry Tree Lane, but Michael (now played by Ben Whishaw) and Jane (now played by Emily Mortimer) have. It’s the Depression in London. Michael is a widow raising three children and struggling to save the family home while Jane is fighting for workers’ rights. Mary Poppins somehow inuits that her former charges need a little more than a spoonful of sugar and reprises her role as whimsical caretaker. While Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda), the street lamp-lighter, is teaching one of Michael’s children how to fly a kite, Mary Poppins grabs onto the kite and gracefully descends. “I was flying a kite, and it got caught on a nanny!” The child exclaims.

Fans who were worried about this sequel to arguably Disney’s most famous movie musical might feel more at ease now. The trailer shows Mary dropping some clever one-liners, singing a new song from the film and taking the children into wild, animated worlds and teaching them “stuff and nonsense.”

Mary Poppins Returns promises everything that made the original film so magical and even provides fans with another questionable Cockney accent from Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays Jack, a character who is supposed to mirror Dick Van Dyke’s Mr. Dawes Jr. Speaking of Van Dyke, he shows that he’s still got it with a preview of his dance sequence. He is the only original Mary Poppins cast member who is reprising his role. The trailer also showed glimpses of Colin Firth, Angela Lansbury, Julie Walters and Meryl Streep as Mary’s cousin Topsy.

The film hits theaters on December 19th.