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Sexy Male Suspenders Hilariously Solve a Timeless Problem

The Tidy-Tuck suspenders will do more than keep your shirt in and make your partner laugh.

An epidemic of untucked shirts among sloppy dads could be curbed with arguably one of the sexier male undergarments. Tidy-Tuck Male Suspenders may look like masculine belts, but they’re actually a spin on the classic military accessory “shirt stays” meant to kept shirts properly tucked it. But this time, the makers at Blue Crate wanted to create something guys could have a little more fun with, while avoiding any manly midriffs and accidental crop tops, Tadhg Lynch, the company’s Operations executive says.

“The Tidy Tuck came to fruition from a serious distaste for shirts always get un-tucked every time we’d raise our arms above our heads,” Lynch told Fatherly.

The popularity has primarily based on a funny video created by their in-house creative team, which has generated about 14 million views across multiple platforms so far. Still, a lot of the enthusiasm is coming from people who recognized that the product is not new, but potentially improved. One viewer commented that Tidy-Tucks are better than traditional shirt-stays because those attached at the sock. More importantly, if shirt-stays came undone at the sock, they’d snap back up and hit a man right in the baby maker.

S5 EP 14: Tidy Tuck

These straps keep your shirt tucked in all day Get yours here:

Posted by I Want One on Sunday, August 5, 2018

“Our Tidy Tuck has been supported in being a possible improvement to this issued version,” Lynch says, who’s personally a fan of them.

It turns out the Tidy-Tucks are technically more than a viral video and solve a problem in an undergarment meant to solve a problem. (If it makes a striptease for your spouse more hilarious, that’s a bonus.) And for $5.99, if balls could talk they’d probably say “thanks, pal.” And although Lynch did not disclose just how many they’ve sold so far, he notes that’s not totally the point. Their goal is to showcase simple lifestyle products that are as funny as they are useful, which they seem to be successful with so far.

“We just liked the product and thought it was entertaining. We will put out products not just to sell but to get a laugh out of people, and we like it that way.”