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Everyone is Trying to Figure Out What the New Mystery Star Wars LEGO Set Will Be

LEGO has only shared a few less than helpful clues, but Reddit has unsurprisingly gone wild with speculation.

For the last month, LEGO has teased fans with clues about an upcoming Star Wars set that is believed to be the toy company’s biggest build ever. It began on August 1, when LEGO’s Twitter account teased the new set, claiming it would be nearly five times bigger than its current biggest set, a 1,686 piece London Bus set. A couple weeks later, LEGO released a teaser video that revealed the new set would be Star Wars themed. And then last week, LEGO tweeted out a photo of an unbuilt version of the staggering 7,541 piece set. It’s not much to go on, but that hasn’t stopped fans from tirelessly speculating on even the most minute details to discover what this mystery behemoth will turn out to be.

Fans on Reddit have tossed out several theories about the set, with most trying to decipher the “UCS MF” code letters that were included in the video tag for the set’s teaser. The mysterious letters took on a special interest when people noticed that the tag had been removed by LEGO, perhaps pointing to “UCS MF” as some sort of clue. Of course, people also noticed that the blocks were all gray and tan, leading most to believe it was some sort of ship.

The most common guess is that the tag stands for “Ultimate Collectors Set Millennium Falcon,” which would be huge news for Star Wars LEGO fanatics. When the original LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon debuted in 2007, the 5,195 piece replica broke the record for the largest LEGO Star Wars set ever. The set has not been available from LEGO for several years and has become a valuable collectible, evidenced by the fact that it’s currently on sale at Amazon for $5,750.99. Since it is the set’s 10th anniversary, combined with Millennium Falcon’s importance in The Force Awakens, fans believe the legendary set might be getting a re-release.

Of course, Reddit is never satisfied with just one guess, so fans have been firing off other possible theories. Some have speculated the mystery set is the crashed Star Destroyer that Rey explores on Jakku, though others have wondered how that would work with the brick colors. One commenter even guessed it’s the remains of Alderaan after the Death Star paid the planet a visit, but it still feels like it’s too soon to be joking about that massacre. While the overwhelming consensus is the return of the fastest bucket of bolts in the Galaxy, nobody will really know for sure until LEGO makes an official announcement. Until then, you may as well keep working on that LEGO Death Star you’ve been trying to finish for the last decade.