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New ‘Jurassic World’ Movie Features a Baby Versus Dinosaurs: Watch It Online Now

'Battle at Big Rock' is an 8-minute short-film set one year after the events of 'Fallen Kingdom.'

Every parent worries about car seat safety, but few of us worry about car seat safety relative to a dinosaur attack on a campground. But, in a new Jurassic World short film, that’s exactly what two parents have to deal with. The Jurassic franchise is known for putting kids in peril from to dino-tooth-and-claw, but this is the first time we’ve actually seen a baby in harm’s way! Yikes!

On Sunday, Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment released a new short film set in the Jurassic World series. It’s called “The Battle of Big Rock” and is all about a Triceratops crashing a campground and then getting in a huge fight with what looks like an Allosaurus. A family of five is caught in the middle of all of this, which includes what looks like a 1-year-old strapped into a car seat.  Spoiler alert: no children are eaten by dinosaurs, but the entire sequence is clearly designed to get you worried about what it would be like if dinosaurs were really living among us. Back in 2018, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ended with a ton of dinosaurs being released into the wild outside of the confines of the famous island Isla Nublar, which means, in the continuity of the movies, dinosaurs are now running amok and can show up anywhere. As the credits roll on this short film, we see them terrorizing everything from weddings to road trips, to maybe even petting zoos.

The short film is written and directed by Colin Trevorrow, who directed and wrote the first Jurassic World,  the fourth film in the Jurassic franchise that began in 1993 with Jurassic Park. The third installment of the Jurassic World series (and sixth overall) is set for release in June of 2021, but apparently it’s not too early to get you to start thinking about how that film will play out. It’s unclear if Universal will release more short films between now and Jurassic World 3, but based on the impressive action in this short film, it seems like a good bet.

You can watch the Jurassic World short film “Battle at Big Rock” in the YouTube video above. Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom is streaming on HBO now.