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This Unearthed John Lennon 1971 Jam Session Will Give You Chills


Paul McCartney might be riding high right now with a great number one album, but the spirit of John Lennon looms large. On Friday, NPR released an amazing, previously unseen (and unheard) video in which Lennon, and another former Beatle, George Harrison, shred through a no-frills version of Lennon’s anti-Paul song, “How Do You Sleep?”

By no means a favorite song among Beatles fans, there’s still no denying the absolute badassery with which Lennon and Harrison attack this song. In fact, it’s shocking Lennon didn’t release this version of the song in his mega-album, Imagine. His voice sounds perhaps the coolest, and most punk at the same time.

You might be wondering why the heck Beatles are in the news so much right now, and other than the fact they are still the most famous and beloved musical group ever, there are two reasons. First, as mentioned, Paul McCartney has a new album out, and is on tour, giving a lot of interviews, etc. But, the second reason and the source of this new John Lennon footage is connected to an impending release of a new 6-CD Boxset celebrating John Lennon’s most famous solo album, Imagine.

Titled Imagine: The Ultimate Collection, this set will include all sorts of previously unreleased outtakes of some of Lennon’s most famous songs. Imagine wasn’t the first album he released outside of his work with the Beatles (it was actually his fifth) but it’s easily the most famous. Not only do you have the mega-famous “Imagine” on this album, but “Oh My Love,” and “Oh Yoko,” too.

And now, it looks like the most infamous anti-Paul McCartney song, “How Do You Sleep?” could become a favorite, too. Just listen to that voice! Doesn’t even matter what he’s saying!

You can pre-order Imagine: The Ultimate Collection right here.