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The New Han Solo Lego Kits Look Awesome

'Solo: A Star Wars Story' is all about the vehicles, which is great news for brickheads.

Brothers Brick

Looks like more Lego sets for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story are finally hitting the shelves ahead of the movie’s April 20th release. As was the case with the previewed Kessel Run Millennium Falcon set, this new one looks pretty awesome.

Called “Moloch’s Landspeeder,” the set will include 464 pieces and cost around $40. For those who are looking to snatch up some new Star Wars Lego gear ahead of the movie, but don’t want to break the bank (some Star Wars Lego sets can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars) or spend an eternity putting together thousands of the small plastic bricks, this new release might be perfect. The landspeeder comes with two small figures and a pair of Corellian hounds just like the ones featured in some leaked Lego photographs earlier this year.

Moloch’s Landspeeder, though it’s a less advanced set, has lots of extremely small parts that kids are likely to lose, swallow, or somehow both. Both it should represent only an afternoon of work with some parental supervision. After that, it’s play time. Once fully built up, the landspeeder features an open cockpit as well as a kind of trunk that pops open on demand. It’s ideal for swinging around while making zooming sounds. And that’s not all: There’s a small wheel on that, when turned, shoots tiny Lego studs out of the turret attached to the front. Pretty cool.

If these new Legos are any indication, Solo: A Star Wars Story will feature some instantly iconic vehicle. That’s good news for Lucasfilm’s devoted cultists and also for the kids who love creating, breaking, and recreating a universe on the floor of the living room.