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The New Barbies Are A Lot Harder For Progressive Parents To Complain About

As society becomes more sensitive to issues of ethnic and body type diversity, Barbie hasn’t fared well — what with her having none of the above. Sure, Mattel has introduced a few different skin tones, but they’ve all been wrapped around the same not-physically-viable proportions. Well, the manufacturer must have tired of hearing all those complaints for parents who wanted their dolls to reflect, you know, reality, because it just exercised the nuclear option: a new line of dolls that come in 4 body types — original, tall, curvy, and petite — and that’s just the start. The line also features 7 skin tones, 22 eye colors, 30 hair colors, 24 hair styles, and 14 face sculpts. In one fell swoop, Mattel managed to silence years of criticism and nabbed the cover of Time magazine in the process. At this point, there’s only one thing parents have to complain about: They’re going to need to buy a lot of new wardrobes … oh … wait. Well played, Mattel, well played.

: Time