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‘Aquaman’ Poster Really Does Seem Like a ‘Finding Nemo’ Sequel

Here are the best reactions.

Warner Bros/DC

The first poster for the Aquaman standalone movie starring Jason Moama has been revealed and everyone is thirsty. On Monday, after Warner Bros and DC revealed the new poster, the internet responded immediately…with a slew of parodies. So, is Aquaman a secret Finding Nemo sequel or what?

Because of Moama’s titular underwater laid-back bro is surrounded by the majesty of wonderous sea creatures, the internet has started linking the upcoming movie with every underwater adventure you can imagine. In fairness, the tone of the poster does suggest Aquaman is going to be a nature documentary that just happens to be set underwater. Plus, considering the relative quality of the last few DC superhero movies, it makes sense that most people would react to a new DC film with humor, rather than straight-up enthusiasm. This isn’t to say the movie won’t be good, it might be, but that there’s a reason why everyone is a little slap-happy about these DC superhero movies.

So, here’s a round-up of the best visual gags made about the Aquaman poster just 24 hours after it was released.

First up, here’s the real poster

And here’s one that full-on puts Aquaman in the Finding Nemo/Finding Dory universe.

Everybody remember Lisa Frank?

Absurd. Perfect.

Another subtle Finding Nemo reference. This one actually proves that the shark from Finding Nemo could appear and no one would even notice.

You knew Little Mermaid references were coming. But you weren’t ready for Spongebob Squarepants references.

The Shape Of Water meets Finding Nemo, meets…Zoolander.

For now, that’s the best of what the internet did to Aquaman. The movie doesn’t actually come out until December 21, 2018. Which is only because there’s not a Star Wars movie coming out this Christmas.

Also, as of this writing, it seems no one has managed to make a Jaws reference…yet.