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Why Everyone Is Freaking Out About This New ADHD Drug

NEOS Therapeutics

An estimated 6.4 million kids between the ages of 4 and 17 are diagnosed with ADHD, and about 75 percent of them use drugs to cope, and nope, not the Michael Phelps kind. But amphetamine-based ADHD drugs like Adderall are often abused, and the pharmaceutical company NEOS Therapeutics recently came out with a version that might help the medicine go down a little too much.

The extended-release Adzenys XR-ODT is designed to make it really, really easy for kids to take. It’s fruit flavored, dissolves without water, and is available to children 6 and up instead of just hipsters at Burning Man. Some psychiatrists argue that this is a good thing — one told the New York Post that this will help children remember to take their medication more regularly. “They can carry it in their bags and they don’t have to swallow it with water. It can be an efficient alternative to treating ADHD,” he said, inadvertently pointing out what’s sort of the exact problem.

New ADHD Pill Tastes Like Fruit And Dissolves Without Water

Adzenys XR-ODT might sound like the worst idea for your kid since Count Chocula, or it might be the exact solution to a specific medication issue your kid has. Either way, abuse is reportedly the highest among 18 to 25 year olds, so as long as you keep that demographic our of your medicine cabinet everything should be okay.

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