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Netflix’s Next Family Sitcom ‘No Good Nick’ is Like ‘Scandal’ With Children

It's a family sitcom with some intrigue.


Fresh off his delightful performance on the second season of Stranger Things, Sean Astin is sticking with Netflix is a brand-new sitcom, No Good Nick, which will also see Melissa Joan Hart make her streaming debut.

Astin and Hart play Ed and Liz Thomspon, the parents of the family at the center of the show. Lauren Lindsey Donzis and Kalama Epstein play their kids Molly and Jeremy.

The titular character is Nicole, played by Siena Agudong, a 13-year-old girl who infiltrates the Thompson family by claiming to be a distant relative. Her goal is to get back at them for somehow unknowingly ruining her life. Things get complicated when, somewhere in the middle of her plan, Nicole develops a connection to her marks and wonders if she can go through with it.

That’s about all we know about the plot, but it definitely sounds intriguing. It’s hard to think of another family sitcom that explicitly cites thrillers like Scandal and Revenge as influences. We don’t, however, expect the show to have any of the adult content of those shows. In announcing the No Good Nick, Netflix said the goal of the show is “to entertain kids and families with heart, mystery and a lot of fun.”

The first season will be 20 episodes long. It’s set to premiere on Netflix on April 15.