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Pay No Attention To This Statistician Who Claims Netflix Ruins Your Sex Life

You probably blame your kid for your declining sex life, but Cambridge University statistician and Sex By Numbers author David Spiegelhalter thinks the real culprit could be the boob tube. He recently told The Telegraph that the “massive connectivity” resulting from Netflix is responsible for your massive dry spell. And, as a statistician, he knows all about not getting laid.

According to Spiegelhalter’s findings, back in the 1990s couples were having sex 5 times a week on average. Now that figure has dropped to 3 times a week, which is about a 40 percent decrease in 20 years. If intimacy keeps declining at that rate, he estimates that by 2030 no one will be having sex (especially with him). And the worst part is, there won’t be any new Game Of Thrones episodes to fall back on by then. Although past research says you only need to have sex once a week to be happy, this future forecast looks bleak.

Couples Are Having Less Sex And Netflix Might Be To Blame

Still, Spiegelhalter also admitted that statisticians don’t really know why sex has declined so much, he just thinks binge watching might be to blame. Since he has no hard evidence (pun intended), you probably don’t have to kick your TV out of the bedroom yet– unless your spouse requests that as a condition for sex. Plus, back in March GQ argued the exact opposite point, and a survey from Netflix said that 58 percent of couples bond over the streaming service. Sure, that data might be slightly biased, but you’d likely rather believe them over some guy telling you to chose between sex and entertainment. Maybe this Spiegelhalter guy should just Netflix and chill.

[H/T] The Telegraph