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Netflix Orders 10 Episodes of Family Superhero Drama ‘Raising Dion’

The show will feature Michael B. Jordan in a supporting role.

The superhero genre has been going strong for a decade and shows no sign of drying up anytime soon. The latest entry: Netflix has ordered 10 episodes of Raising Dion, an hourlong, superhero(ish) family drama based on a short film and comic book from director Dennis Liu. By all accounts, it seems primed to be a must-watch.

Raising Dion centers around Nicole Reese, a mom who is forced to raise her son Dion all on her own after the death of her husband Mark (played by Jordan). Things get a lot more complicated when Dion begins to develop superhero-esque abilities that neither he, nor his mother, understand. Nicole must do what it takes to protect her son from those who might want to exploit her son’s abilities, while simultaneously trying to figure out why and how he has these powers in the first place.

Veteran showrunner Carol Barbee adapted Liu’s original short film and comic book and Barbee, who will be Raising Dion‘s showrunner, is teaming up with Liu and actor Michael B. Jordan for the project. Jordan will contribute through his production company Outlier Society, along with playing a supporting role on the show.

In an interview, Liu, who has worked mainly on commercials and music videos, spoke on his excitement about the show’s pick up. He says he originally came up with the idea because he wanted to see more diversity and representation in media and entertainment. “More than ever, we need more stories told from different points of view and my hope with Raising Dion is to create a cinematic experience for all families that will lift your spirits and make you laugh and cry,” he explained.

It’s not currently known when Raising Dion is expected to debut but considering the strong talent in front of and behind the camera, but it’s not a show you are going to want to miss. Superhero movies are in desperate need of shaking out of the formula and actually letting a kid be a superhero for once might just be the secret ingredient the genre didn’t know it was looking for. In the meantime, check out the comic book.