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This New Netflix Stranger Things Teaser Trailer Hypes the Hawkins Kids

Hello, Hawkins gang.

Well, we’ve officially reached the point of trailer saturation where companies are releasing trailers to announce that their popular show is starting production — not filming, not wrapped, but in production. This is why we can’t have nice things. It’s also why, Netflix released a short teaser announcing the production of Stranger Things Season 3 began and that a few new fan-favorite characters will be making a return. If it means we get a glimpse of the Hawkins gang, we can live with it.

Set to the same synth soundtrack as the show’s opening credits, the short black-and-white video shows the main characters getting together for what looks like a first read-through of the script. Before it shows a long table read, the video pans to name cards revealing that the cast of characters from season 2 are all on board and also introduce a few new names, including Jake Busey and Carey Elwes. There are no new clips of the upside down or Steve Harrington’s coif and that makes sense: If production has started, but the cast is just doing a read through, that likely means that actual shooting is a long way off. 

In any case, we’re stoked. Doubly so because of the return of fan-favorite Priah Ferguson. Ferguson plays the role of Lucas’s sister Erica Sinclair, and though showrunners already confirmed Ferguson’s return to season three, the caption to the video posted to Twitter read: “back at it, nerds” in reference to the little spitfire’s talk about her brother and his gang’s dorky habits.