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Netflix Drops Trailer for Big ‘Benji’ Reboot

The lovable dog is back for the first time since 2004.


The beloved dog is back and scruffy as ever in the first trailer for Netflix‘s Benji reboot. The streaming service has brought the black and tan mixed breed, who hasn’t been seen onscreen since 2004, back for another adventure. Will there be dog hijinks? Will he save the day? You can bet your kibble on it.

The new Benji is written and directed by Brandon Camp, whose father Joe created the original 1974 film. It tells the story of a brother and sister in New Orleans who find Benji on the street and bring him home. Their mom isn’t too happy about the new guest. But when the kids are kidnapped, it’s up to Benji to save them from harm.

The reboot looks like it keeps the charm of the original film, including pitch-perfect dog casting. “He does look kind of like a Benji – he’s old and new at the same time,” one of the kids says in the trailer.

Benji‘s premiere comes at what could be a tough time for Netflix in the children’s entertainment space. Disney is still aggressively pursuing its own streaming service to launch in 2019, which will also mean pulling its original content from Netflix. Disney’s recent deal to buy 21st Century Fox’s film and TV assets also means that Netflix’s library could take an even bigger hit. Benji may not save Netflix from the impending “Disney-pocalypse” family film shortage, but that dog is really damn cute.

Benji premieres on Netflix on March 16. Check out the first trailer above.