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Netflix is Bringing Back She-Ra and it Looks Like She-Rocks

For the honor of Greyskull!

Youtube/ DreamWorks Animation

For the honor of Greyskull! The latest piece of nostalgia to get greenlit by the Netflix reboot machine is none other than the twin sister of He-Man — and the defender of the Crystal Castle — herself: She-Ra. The streaming giant has announced the voice cast and teased some artwork for a modern take on the Princess of Power.

She-Ra made her initial debut in the early ’80s. Noting the success of He-Man, Filmation and Mattel wanted to create a character to capitalize on all the little girls who loved the bowl-cutted hero. Known as Adora, she is the twin sister of He-Man, who, with help from the Sword of Protection, Hulks out and transforms into the incredibly strong superpowered princess. She got her own show in 1985, which ran for two seasons. In that time the character became something of a feminist icon and a harbinger of the girl power movement.

She–Ra was ahead of its time,” executive producer Noelle Stevenson told EW. “I’m so excited to bring these stories of female power and love and friendship back now when it seems like we need them more than ever.”

The She-Ra reboot will be a team-up between Netflix and DreamWorks Animation Television, and by the looks of it, She-Ra will be getting a storyline that isn’t tethered to her powerful twin brother. According to Netflix, the new series will focus on an orphan named Adora who abandons her life as a member of an evil gang called the Horde when she finds a magical sword that imbues her with the power of She-Ra. From there she will join the Rebellion while forming her own gang of badass magic wielding princesses.

As of right now, there is no set release date for the reboot. The most Netflix will say is “coming soon.”