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This Nerf Warthog Cannon Fires 4200 Rounds Per Minute At Your Kid

From snowball to the cheeseball, the internet has given you machine gun for all seasons, but the latest installment will make you the Maverick to your kid’s Goose: a 600 pound seven-barrel gun made out of an RC flying tank, with a rapid-fire cannon that can blast off up to 12 Nerf balls in just half a second. Shooting 4,200 round per minute, it’s the one gun that will even get Clint Eastwood off your lawn.

The monstrosity was made by YouTube user AJW61185, who explains in the video description that he was combining his love of radio controlled planes and Nerf by incorporating a “stripped down Nerf Rival Zeus blaster into the nose of an old FreeWing A-10.” If you don’t know what an A-10 is already, it’s a flying tank also known as a Warthog that will make your wife mad — until she realizes that it can blast off 1,000 rounds only making a single sound. Plus, it’s a only a mini A-10, because this dude isn’t crazy (just crazy awesome).

If you happen to have the knowledge to get this project to take off (hey-o!), the cost may set you back. A remote controlled Warthog will run you upwards of $500 on Ebay alone, and that doesn’t include your exploding Nerf ball budget. Your best bet is using this video as further engineering propaganda for your kid … then they can buy all the fighter jets they want.

[H/T]  Jalopnik