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This Guy Put A Gas Engine On A Nerf Gun And It’s Awesome

It's completely unnecessary and completely entertaining.

At one point in the latest video uploaded to Peter Sripol’s 1.65 million-subscriber YouTube channel, Sripol says: “I do fun, stupid things.” And his most recent video is no different. After previously modifying the iconic plastic Nerf Gun blasters to run on steam, hydrogen, propane, and compressed air, Sripol’s latest project is a Nerf blaster powered by an internal combustion engine. That certainly fits the bill.

It’s hard to describe what Sripol does in his videos, but it’s some sort of combination of hacking, tinkering, building, troubleshooting, and inventing. The energy is highly reminiscent (and we’re guessing at least partially inspired by) the Discover Channel classic Mythbusters.

This particular video chronicles Sripol’s use of a Dremel, a lathe, and a 3D printer, among other tools, to create an adapter that would allow a 1/2-horsepower four-stroke engine to replace the electric motors that power the flywheel firing mechanism on what we think is a Nerf Elite 2.0 Echo CS-10.

After some trial and error, Sripol appends the appropriate gears and an extra-large drum of darts to the stock blaster, which he dubs the ICE Blaster for an internal combustion engine. Naturally, he compares the power of his modified toy with that of an out-of-the-box Nerf blaster. Naturally, there’s no competition.

Sripol has built a real following doing this kind of thing. In the video, he says more than once that there’s not really a point to projects like this, beyond the joy of experimentation and the satisfaction of creating something that actually works. Of course, having fun is a goal in and of itself, and it’s obvious from Sripol’s giddy energy throughout the video that he is having the time of his life. It’s infectious fun, which makes the video well worth your time.