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Watch This Nerf Dart Comparison To Find Out The Most Affordable And Effective Ammo


So you shot all your kid’s Nerf darts into the abyss that is their room, and it’s time to lock and reload. If you want to find the best bet for ammo, look no further than Coop772. His straight-as-an-arrow foam dart analysis answers the age-old question: Is it really Nerf or nothing?

The video pins brand named darts against cheaper third party ones. Coop starts off already on your side, hypothesizing that while Nerf rules, off-brand alternatives may be as good. Attaboy. In what can only be described as a Nerf dart nerd out, he even catalogs the video with a breakdown of specific darts and time stamps — so you can’t get lost … or bored. As if you didn’t want to adopt him already.

CLOURF and AMOSTING darts, though cool, were found to hurt more than Nerf and other darts. The best off-brand option was the newest design of EKIND darts. They’re cheaper than Nerf darts and specially designed to be softer and safer than past designs. So they won’t cost you any extra cash or flinching. Now all he has to do is stop this Nerf supervillian, and he’ll be a real hero.