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Neil Patrick Harris Reveals How He Gets His Kids to Open Up at the Dinner Table

Harris and his husband also happen to take nutrition pretty seriously.

Flickr vagueonthehow

Neil Patrick Harris is a bit of a renaissance man, on top of being a well-known actor, both on television and onstage, he’s written children’s books, has a wonderful singing voice, and most importantly, he’s never slacking on daddy duty. During an interview with TODAY, Harris talked about the different ways he gets his kids excited about eating well and shared a secret for getting them to open up at the dinner table.

Harris has two children, Harper Grace Burtka-Harris and Gideon Scott Burtka-Harris, with his husband, actor David Burtka. Per the interview, Harris says that he and Burtka like to keep a healthy balance between hyper nutritious and indulgent foods in the pantry.

“I like to be as healthy as possible without a stigma — things in moderation so that [kids] are able to make informed decisions instead of having things withheld from them, which just makes kids want them more,” Harris told TODAY.

While he likes to keep his kids’ diet as “wholesome as possible” by keeping them off of processed foods, he does allow them to enjoy some ice cream or gelato from time to time. Moreover, to ensure that they eat well, he and Burtka source all of their food locally. When it comes to getting his kids to open up at the dinner table, he plays a game called “My Day By,” in which every person at the table has to turn the events of their day into a story.

“So I’d say ‘My day’ by Papa … I woke up, had coffee, did some organizing, sat with the kids for a while, went to the park and now I’m eating this amazing meal’,” Harris told TODAY.

As far as the 45-year-old dad is concerned, the family is simply too busy to not sit down and “have family communion,” as often as possible.