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Neil Patrick Harris Shares His Daughter’s Letter to The Tooth Fairy and It’s as Adorable as You’d Expect

She gives some much-deserved love to a mythical figure who often gets overlooked.


It’s the time of year where kids all around the world are writing letters to Santa, but over the weekend Neil Patrick Harris showed off a letter from his adorable daughter Harper to a different (some would argue lesser) magical figure: The Tooth Fairy. NPH posted a photo of the letter on Instagram with the caption, “Harper lost another tooth. Wrote this letter. Sigh. I just love being a father.” The letter is unsurprisingly great, as Harper clearly went all out to give some love to the Tooth Fairy, including a delightful drawing of her now-freed tooth smiling and rocking some long blonde hair.

Harper lost another tooth. Wrote this letter. Sigh. I just love being a father.

A post shared by Neil Patrick Harris (@nph) on

Harper wisely keeps the letter short and sweet, simply letting the Tooth Fairy know the tooth has extracted itself while adding some totally genuine admiration with “I love you because you rock!” It’s a message anyone can get behind, but it’s made even better considering she wrote the whole thing with several crayons (sparing no expense). The dazzling, multi-colored artwork is what puts the letter over the top. It’s safe to say, Harper has more than earned whatever reward the Tooth Fairy ended up leaving her in exchange for her baby tooth.

The Tooth Fairy may not be as beloved as Santa when it comes to mythical figures, but everyone’s favorite tooth-hoarding creature still deserves our respect. After all, unlike Kris Kringle, the Tooth Fairy does not judge kids based on their arbitrary notions of “naughty” or “nice.” The Tooth Fairy takes teeth from and gives money to kids no matter how they behave. Because that’s none of the Tooth Fairy’s business. So while we may not sing songs about their exploits or leave cookies and milk to keep them from getting hungry, the Tooth Fairy remains a humble hero.