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Neighbors Wrote This Dad a Cruel Letter Calling His Autistic Son’s Toys An “Eyesore”

"It's an eyesore to the neighborhood."


A man in Milton, Massachusetts was shocked and saddened to receive an anonymous letter criticizing his autistic son‘s lawn toys. Ian Gregorio’s three-year-old son Rylan, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, finds great joy in the collection of colorful toys in the family’s front yard. The neighbors, however, aren’t too happy with the display. WHDH reports that Gregorio got a letter from his disgruntled neighbors, who claim the toys were an “eyesore” and threatened to alert the Board of Health.

“Hey hoarders! Give the proud property owners here in Milton a break and remove all the dumper diving children’s play stuff you have scattered all over your lawn,” the letter reads. “It’s an eyesore to the neighborhood and if we called the Board of Health they might determine it to be unsanitary and condemn the whole mess!”

Gregorio tells WHDH that he found the letter not only shocking, but deeply insulting. “You want the best for your son and for your children to have fun and then you kind of sit there and go, “Well, what am I doing wrong?'” he said. “Is this really that wrong?”

The neighbors reportedly did call the town’s Board of Health, but when officials stopped by to inspect, they found nothing wrong with the toys, which includes toy castles and slides. Despite criticism from some members of the community, others have shown their support for Gregorio and his family.

Ultimately, Gregorio is only concerned with providing a safe and nurturing environment for his son, and his toys are an important part of Rylan’s life and happiness. “The sheer joy on his face when playing is what I live for,” he said. Despite the uproar from some of his neighbors, the dedicated dad has no plans to alter Rylan’s array of toys in any way.