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NBC’s Streaming Service Peacock Will Have a Free Version. So, Don’t Buy ‘The Office’ on DVD Just Yet

OK, maybe this is worth it after all.

Well, our options for what to watch are about to get even more congested as NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, has a release date. While it initially sounded like their service was going to be a whole lot of money when there were cheaper routes to watch The Office, it turns out they’re offering a free version, so maybe don’t write them off entirely yet. Here are all the details.

NBC unveiled their plans for Peacock and the two-tiered system they’re launching which sounds like a pretty OK deal. Peacock Free will be ad-based but will still unlock 7500 hours of programming, totally free of charge.

“Peacock Free includes next-day access to current seasons of freshman broadcast series, complete classic series, popular movies, curated daily news, and sports programming including the Olympics, Spanish-language content, select episodes of marquee Peacock originals and tent-pole series, as well as curated Peacock streaming genre channels such as ‘SNL Vault,’ ‘Family Movie Night’ and ‘Olympic Profiles,'” NBCUniversal said in a release, according to SyFy Wire.

The paid-tier, called Peacock Premium, will have a whole lot more content, including original scripted shows that you can only watch if you pay the monthly fee of $4.99 per month. But, if you’re a Comcast or Cox cable subscriber, the Peacock Premier tier will be bundled free-of-charge.

Unlike other platforms, like Disney+, it doesn’t sound like Peacock is going to launch with any original programming, but plans are in place for that. As previously mentioned, a new Battlestar Galactica show is in the works, but there’s no launch date for that yet. But it sounds like it’s going to be amazing and the rumors say there’s a four-year deal in place, so we just need to patient.

The new streaming platform is set to roll out starting April 15 for Comcast’s Xfinity X1 and Flex customers. It will be available nationwide for anyone beginning July 15.