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NBC Has a New Streaming Service Called Peacock. Let’s All Pretend Like They Don’t

No more!

Credit: NBC

Do you need to be able to stream the entirety of The Office for the rest of your life? If so, in 2020, you can subscribe to yet another new streaming service from NBC called “Peacock,” but really, let’s all just spend $42 bucks to get the entirety of The Office on DVD and call it a day. With so many new streaming services being offered by different networks and corporations, the announcement about Peacock seems like the last straw. If you’re a pop-culture consumer, maybe this much variety is good, but if you’re a family on a budget, you’ve got to ignore some of this stuff.

Now, I’ll admit, the news that NBC is re-making (again!) Battlestar Galatica exclusively for the streaming service is nearly enough for a geeky dad like me to think about a Peacock subscription. I still get misty thinking about all those great Admiral Adama parenting moments, and sometimes I wonder that my love of Bob Dylan might, in fact, prove I’m a secret robot. But, there’s nostalgia and then there’s fake-nostalgia. From the perspective of a late-30s dude-who-became-a-dad, I gotta say, I need to look toward the future, not the past. Okay, so yeah, I liked Parks and Recreation, but even Aziz Ansari recently admitted (in his new Netflix special) that some of those bits don’t hold up in 2019. In other words, how is Peacock going to compete with Seinfeld on Netflix and new Star Wars and Marvel shows on Disney+? Plus, if we’re all still on the fence of about Apple TV+, then it seems like Apple will win over Peacock. Right?

One could argue that you don’t have to choose, but let’s face it, you’re going to have to choose at some point. Even CBS All-Access has the new Twlight Zone and the next new Star Trek show with Patrick Stewart. So, unless Peacock is going to bring on Bruce Willis to the new Battlestar Galatica, I’m not sure it has my attention. As the streaming wars continue to make things complicated for a family on a budget, maybe it’s time to just starting buying things you really love on DVD. These big companies can’t entice us with “library content” if we’ve already got Parks and Recreation in our library, right?

Peacock is set to launch in 2020.