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These Kids Had an Epic Jumbotron Dance Battle at NBA Game

Of course The Floss is involved.

NBA on TNT/Twitter

Fans at a recent NBA game were treated to quite the show during the fourth quarter. In a video that’s now going viral on Twitter, two kids challenge each other to a dance battle on the Jumbotron during a Philadelphia 76ers game.

“A dance-off for the ages broke out in Philly…” reads the caption of the clip, which was shared by NBA on TNT on Monday evening and already has over two million views and 43,000 likes.

The video shows 10-year-old Dominic Prybella and nine-year-old Anthony Stuard competing in an epic dance battle complete with famous moves like The Floss from Fortnite.

During an interview with Action News, Dominic, who had never met Anthony before Monday night, said they were “just having fun, just messing around, just being crazy.”

At one point, things get so intense that the boys even take their shirts off. “All of a sudden Dominic took his shirt off, which he’s done before so I was OK with that,” Anthony’s mom Toni Stuard told reporter Trish Hartman. “They kept dancing. Then all of a sudden, Anthony starts pulling his arms out and I didn’t know what to do! I wanted to cover him up!”

The two young fans have faced off a few times before during the 76ers season. And Anthony told Action News that it’s even gotten him recognition at school. “[My friend] said, ‘There’s this kid that was on the 76ers game and he looks just like you. I can’t believe he took his shirt off.’ I was like, ‘That’s exactly me.'”