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Double-Fisting World Series Fan Uses Chest to Block Home Run Ball

He saved his suds and somehow ended up with the ball.


Astros rookie phenom Yordan Alvarez cranked a two-run home run in the second inning of last night’s World Series game against the Nationals, but it was the impressive feat of the fan who ended up with the ball that attracted the internet’s attention.

D.C. resident Jeff Adams was standing in the first row of the left-center field seats at Nationals Park when Alvarez made contact. He made the split-second decision to keep the two fresh Bud Lights he’d just purchased in his hands and absorb Alvarez’s homer with his chest.

In the ensuing scramble for the ball, Adams came up victorious. He’s managed to score a double victory. His beers—a $24 value at Nationals Park—survived the melee (for the most part) and he’d secured a souvenir for himself.

The Washington Post caught up with Adams and discovered that the instinct to block the ball went back to his days as a Little League catcher.

“I had a Little League coach, his name was Wayne Mitchell,” Adams said. “He taught me how to put my chest in front of a ball and let it bounce in front of me. So put my chest in front of it, right? And I angled down. Sure enough, hit me right in the chest. Went straight down. And I got it.”