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The World’s Largest Indoor Go-Kart Track Is Opening In 2017

From a site where your kid can operate heavy machinery, to an Italian amusement park powered by your body, you’ve been given plenty of epic and insane ideas for places to take your kid. And now for families in Connecticut, there’s something for you too — other than good schools, better boat shoes, and of course, the best professional wrestling. Starting in 2017, the people of Montville are getting the world’s largest indoor go-kart track. Take that, Russia!

The facility known as NASKART is as massive as it is innovative, boasting 110,000-square-feet, 2 tracks, multiple levels, and zero-emission electric karts. There’s also a café and full bar. And if you want to drive after that, be warned: They will breathalyze you. You can’t drink like you’re watching NASCAR.

Though NASKART recently hosted a soft opening in December, they’re set to open officially on New Year’s Day. If that doesn’t get your kid’s motor runnin’, the same building is also home to a trampoline park with a foam pit, along with dodgeball and basketball courts. All you have to worry about is being careful, dominating on the track, and resolving to go home eventually. Good luck with that last part.