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NASA Is Sending Tom Cruise Into Space. Allow Us To Explain

So this is a thing.


It’s common knowledge that Tom Cruise famously does his own stunts — often doing moves so dangerous that he’s shattered an ankle or broken an arm on set while jumping from building to building. But his daring commitment to living dangerously has officially reached new heights after NASA confirmed that, with the help of SpaceX and Tesla CEO (and new father!) Elon Musk, they’d be sending the famous actor to space. 

Yes, for real. Tom Cruise is going to go to space to film a movie — despite the fact that green screens, practical effects, and CGI exists, and several competently and accurately filmed space movies like Gravity and 2001: A Space Odyssey exist. 

Yesterday afternoon, Jim Bridenstine, an administrator for NASA confirmed that Cruise would film a film about, well, something (plot details, cast details, script details, director details, and more are extremely unconfirmed) in the International Space Station at some point soon. If this all sounds wonderfully vague to you, it’s because there’s very little known about the project, and it appears that there’s not even a solidified film to attach the plans to send the actor into the great beyond. 

It’s not clear if Tom Cruise as any plans to locate the galactic conference known as Xenu, but here’s hoping he meets some legit aliens who were not invented by a drunk, failed, science fiction writer who was obsessed with living on boats.

But when will Cruise go to space? It’s hard to say. Because he’s not a trained astronaut, he’ll need to be trained. And then they’d need to likely figure out how to direct a movie in space — a director who might also need to be trained to be an astronaut, I suppose — and write a script, and, you know, make sure that Cruise doesn’t die in the dark infinity of the skies. So, it might be a handful of years before we see this project move. But… it’s definitely happening.