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‘Muppets Now’ Is Coming To Disney+ and the Trailer Looks Fly

This show looks awesome.


Disney finally dropped a puppet-tastic trailer for Muppets Now, the Disney+ original series airing on Disney+ at the end of July. The show — the first-ever unscripted series for the Muppet puppets — will feature all of the regular Muppet stars like Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker, Scooter, and more. 

It’s hard to imagine that the Muppets can handle improv comedy, but that’s what the new show bills as its main attraction. The show will also feature tons of celebrity guests — the first look trailer hints at appearances from stars like Aubrey Plaza and RuPaul, although there will surely be more — and there does appear to be some level of an overarching plot.

The six-episode series will feature Scooter rushing to make delivery deadlines — and he’ll have to respond to whatever obstacles the rest of the Muppets throw his way, which might take the form of a celebrity guest or an improvised bit. 


This show looks like a great example of a kids show that can be equally entertaining — or at least not absolutely terrible — for parents. It’s no Caillou or Peppa Pig. The celebrity guests are clearly there for mom and dad, but the hilarious puppet hijinks will probably hook the kids in more than anything.