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‘Muppet Babies’ Christmas Has Just Enough ’80s Nostalgia to Make Us Happy

Remember the Muppet Babies? Sure you do.


Back in the halcyon days of the early eighties (1984 to be exact) some of us may remember a Saturday morning cartoon which bizarrely did two things to the Muppets that seem insane when you consider the facts in isolation. Muppet Babies not only featured de-aged versions of the Muppets living together in a nursey (weird!) but also didn’t feature any “real” Muppet-y puppets because it was a cartoon! Either way, it seems unlikely anyone who grew up with the Muppet Babies didn’t like them. And, so, if you have kids, there’s some good news: The Muppet Babies are back and they have a Christmas special!

Since March of this year, Disney has been running a new version of Muppet Babies using computer-animated renderings of the characters instead of the old-school cartoons. If you’re unaware of the existence of this, you’re forgiven. But, as these kinds of kid’s shows go, it’s not terrible. Jenny Slate plays the voice of Miss Nanny, and there’s a new-ish character named Summer Penguin who is actually kind of genius. Plus, if your kids don’t know jack about the Muppets, this isn’t a terrible way to introduce them to Kermit, Gonzo, Miss Piggie, and the gang.

The new Christmas special highlights Summer Penguin insofar as the focus of one of the songs is all about what kids can do if they don’t get to be with their entire family during the holidays. Here’s an exclusive clip all about her plight, which some kids (and adults!) can totally relate to.

The Muppet Babies Christmas episode airs tomorrow on Disney Channel at 10 am eastern time and will be streaming on the DisneyNOW app after that.