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‘Mulan’ Will Stream Straight To Disney+. But, There’s a $30 Catch

The highly anticipated live-action version of the animated favorite is coming home. But it will cost you.


For about a year, ’90s kids have been preparing themselves for an all-new, badass Mulan, that looks to be more Crouching Tiger than Eddie Murphy-as-a-talking dragon. But now, the highly-anticipated live-action version of Mulan will not hit movie theaters at all. Instead, the film will simply debut on Disney+ on September  4.

This is good news for families and anyone else waiting to watch all the sword-swinging action. But the bad news is Disney is going to ask you to pony up an extra $30 bucks to watch it at home. Back when the COVID-19 pandemic first delayed the release of Mulan, we here at Fatherly argued that Disney should, in fact, release it straight to streaming. And, at the time, we said that they should do what they’re doing, put Mulan on-demand. (We also made a similar argument for the next Bond movie, No Time To Die.)

But, $29.99 seems a little steep. Sure, you could argue it’s the price of two movie tickets in New York City, but still. Thirty bucks? We understand that Disney didn’t want to “give away” the movie for free on their platform, and we should be able to rationalize this. But it still feels steep. Sure, we can all admit we have cognitive dissonance, but the movie tickets also give us the experience of going to the movies. Paying $30 bucks to watch Mulan at home makes us feel a little dirty. I mean, we’re going to do it. But still.

Just one reminder before you start watching the new Mulan next month: It’s PG-13, so the very little ones should probably stay in bed for this one.

Mulan starts streaming on Disney+ on September 4.