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‘Mulan’ Could Be Free for Disney+ Subscribers As Early as December

Or not. Here's what we know.


It’s less than a pair of movie tickets in lots of cities, but $29.99 still feels like a high price to watch a movie even if that movie is the highly anticipated and repeatedly delayed Mulan. But starting September 4, that’s the fee Disney+ will charge to those who want to stream the live-action remake of the 1998 animated film. The additional fee was announced weeks ago, but there is some potentially good news for those of us who aren’t eager to pay anything on top of their regular Disney+ subscription fee for the Mushu-free movie.

A note posted on the Disney+ Mulan landing page said that the film would be released to all Disney+ subscribers on December 4, just three months after its initial “Premier Access” release this Friday. This would be an unprecentedly short amount of time between a film’s initial release and its posting to Disney+.

That removal makes sense if December 4 is accurate, as the lack of an exact date to look forward to makes the wait can seem interminable and the $30 a charge more worth paying. Of course, it also makes sense if December 4 is inaccurate, as putting out false information about its own movie would be a silly thing for Disney to do.

For those willing to shell out the extra $30, Mulan will be available on Disney+ on Friday. The rest of us might be able to watch it on December 4, but don’t be surprised if the wait, like the pandemic that led to it, is longer than expected.