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Movie Theaters Could Re-Open In July With New Social Distancing Measures

Could we be back in movie theatres sooner than we think?

AMC Theatres, one of the largest cinema chains in the world, is on the verge of filing bankruptcy. And, because of the pandemic-related Coronavirus closures, it’s clear that movie theaters across the country and the world are struggling financially. So, it makes sense, that from a business perspective, all these folks are already talking about when they might be able to open up again, and under what conditions they’ll be able to operate. According to Insider,there are already plans underway for movie theaters to re-open in July.

Drive-in movie theaters, of course, have not been affected by the scale of the closures that traditional movie theaters have been. But some states are planning on re-opening their economies at the end of April — and theaters in those states are rearing at the bit to make money again. For theaters that will open in April, they’ll still enforce social distancing guidelines and even more regularly disinfect the theaters themselves.

But even though a handful of theaters will open in April, the grand opening of theaters, it seems, will be Christopher Nolan’s social thriller Tenet, which is still scheduled to open in theaters on July 17 of this year. It makes sense that Nolan, who has long touted the magic of the movie theatre, could have a movie mark the grand-reopening of the magic of the silver screen for theatre-goers across the world.

But even these plans might still be too optimistic, some experts, have warned. Depending on how things roll out, we don’t know if shelter-in-place orders will be lifted by July. The idea that the curve will be flattened by that point simply isn’t clear.

It’s still too soon to tell — but certain powers that be, and Christopher Nolan, sure hope so.