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Move Over BBC Dad. It’s BBC Mom

It *is* a lovely unicorn.

BBC NEWS/Twitter

If there’s anything working from home with our kids around has taught us, it’s a deeper understanding for BBC Dad and the panic his wife had when the kids busted into his live interview on TV and had to quickly hustle them out of the room. That clip will forever be funny, but it’s time for BBC Dad to take a sidestep to BBC Mom.

Scott Bryan, a TV critic, and broadcaster, shared a video on Twitter of a woman giving an interview on air with BBC News. The two are talking about lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic and touching on the potential of scattered lockdowns in the UK where data is pointing to being hotspots for the virus. They’re discussing the viability of looking at the data and trying to determine strategies for health matters related to the coronavirus.

A serious conversation. But there’s something hilarious going on in the background.

The woman is giving her opinions, being interviewed as an expert via video conference, and all the while her daughter is bouncing around behind her. The little girl is holding a framed unicorn picture and placing it on and off the shelf in the background.

It’s impossible to ignore her — and the best part of this interview is that no one pretended to ignore her. At one point the interviewer asked what her daughter’s name is.

“What’s your daughter called?” the BBC interviewer asked the woman, to which she answered “Scarlett.”

“I think it looks better on the lower shelf” the BBC interviewer said referring to the multiple placements Scarlett has tried to put the unicorn photo. “And it’s a lovely unicorn.”

The interview continues when Scarlett interrupts again to ask what the BBC News person’s name is. The mom tries to shush her daughter and get back to the live interview, but she really wanted to know the interviewer’s name.

The whole thing is adorable and it’s been viewed over 1.5 million times on Twitter. And this moment is going to be one the whole family – and the person doing the interview – will remember for a long time. It’s a feel-good story, one that is honest because parents are trying the impossible juggle, and we should not have to apologize for having children.

Perhaps someone can forward this to the company that fired a woman whose children were “too loud” during company work meetings.

Kids happen.