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Meet The Moms Who Say Pot Smoking Helped Their Pregnancy

Some women drink coffee while pregnant, others have a glass of wine each night, and then others … get hiiiiiiiiiiiigh. According to a new feature on Vice, these women find marijuana to be effective in taming the intense nausea associated with morning sickness and others find it evens out the anxious emotional rollercoaster often brought on by the crazy hormonal shifts during pregnancy.

The piece interviews 4 pot-smoking preggos, 3 of whom used dope in place of the popular anti-nausea medication Zofran either because they couldn’t afford it or they couldn’t keep it down, while the fourth subject was the one who found it to be helpful in regulating her moods. In one instance, herb was actually recommended by a midwife, but in zero instances was the pot — which was either smoked or vaped — approved by anyone’s OBGYN.

Before anyone starts drawing straight lines between small amounts of booze or caffeine and marijuana, it’s worth noting that research into the negative — or positive — effects of the drug on a mother or her unborn child is pretty rare. But the American College Of Obstetricians And Gynecologists is confident enough to issue an opinion paper linking pot smoking to low birth weight, premature birth, cognitive impairment, and behavioral problems (since THC could filter down to babies through the placenta).

Pregnancy Breastfeeding Weed

In the meantime, the article — and apparently all of science — have ignored an equally compelling question: How effective is weed in helping guys deal with their wives pregnancies?

[H/T]: Vice