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A Mother Is Warning Parents After Her Newborn Contracted Herpes

Something as simple as a kiss or touch in the cheek could put a baby in the emergency room for neonatal herpes.

Lucy Kendall Facebook

There are about a million illnesses to worry about when it comes to a newborn. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, influenza, whooping cough—they all have a place in the pantheon of parental fears. Now one UK mom’s viral Facebook post hopes to raise awareness of a less discussed affliction among kids: herpes. While the virus is virtually harmless to adults, it almost killed her 11-day-old son.

Everything was going fine after Lucy Kendall and her partner Jaz Miller had their first son Oliver. But when he stopped drinking his milk and began to suffer from a high fever, they rushed him to the hospital to discover that he’d contacted neonatal herpes. The doctors proceeded to tell Kendall that infants can get herpes from an adult who carries the virus and kisses them, even if no sores are present.

“When he was 12-days-old me and my partner rushed him to hospital. Oliver was put onto a heated bed with oxygen. He got a feeding tube put in, along with a long line and a number of cannulas,” Kendall wrote in a Facebook post. “After 8-days of watching Oliver fight for his life in High Dependency Unit (HDU) the doctor finally came in and said Oliver had caught neonatal herpes.”

Oliver Jaz Miller was born 3rd of August 2018. when he was 11days old, he slowly stopped drinking milk throughout the…

Posted by Lucy Kendall on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

According to the CDC, around one in six Americans between 14 and 49 years old has contracted genital herpes which is caused by a virus called HSV-2. But, about half of US adults have contracted oral herpes from a virus called HSV-1. There are no dangerous health side effects from either, but when it comes to children under three-months-old, their bodies simply aren’t strong enough to fight off the virus. The sores are most contagious when they rupture and don’t stop being contagious until they’re totally gone. Now, Kendall is hoping that other parents will be more careful.

Oliver spent 21 days in the hospital and we finally get to go home with 6 months of antibiotics and visits to the hospital,” Kendall wrote. “Please respect newborn baby and stay away if you have a cold sore. We’re the lucky ones! A few hours later this could be reading so differently. KEEP YOUR NEWBORNS SAFE!”