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Here’s What All The Other Parents Named Their Babies In The Past Year

Earlier this month The Social Security Administration released a list of the most popular baby names of 2015 — AKA the kids who will wind up being addressed by their last names for the rest of their lives. Depending on how hard you and your spouse tried to come up with an original name, it might hurt to find out that you’re as predictable as other parents. Or it might feel great to know you were right for wanting to name your kid Blade.

Your little Noah and/or Emma won’t likely mind, but those were by far the most popular boy and girl names nationwide. Other popular girl names include Olivia and Ava; for boys, expect to meet a lot of Liams and Williams over the next few years. All in all, the most favorable names seem best suited for hipsters and seniors citizens (their grandparents might have something to do with the latter).

Region appears to be a factor — while Olivia was a hit in the north, Ava was more represented in the south. Boys named William similarly saturated the south, but the increasingly popular Liam goes against regional patterns and dominates all over. The takeaway? If you name your kid William and move out of the south, consider dropping the Wil and they’ll fit right in.

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