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A Surprising Amount Of Americans Still Think Only One Parent Should Work

In 2015, the PEW Research Center reported that both parents work full time jobs in 46 percent of 2-parent households, up from 31 percent in 1970. But a recent survey from the fact tank drops quite the nuclear family bomb: a majority of Americans think one parent should bang the drum all day, mostly for the good of their tiny Todd Rundgrens.

PEW looked at 4,602 adults from its nationally representative American Trends Panel and found that 59 percent of people think kids with 2 parents are better off when one stays home. Of course, most moms and dads want to work less and parent more, but you can’t pay your mortgage in string cheese. Despite the fact that many families rely on 2 incomes, only 39 percent of respondents believe that children are just as well off when both parents work outside of the home. Hopefully the remaining 61 percent have very generous grandparents.

If this hits a little too close to home, the good news is that 53 percent of adults do not think it matters if its the mom or dad that stays home, and this figure jumped up to 58 percent with college graduates. So if you love the idea of paternity leave so much that that you’d do it pro-bono, go for it (provided you can afford that). But if you need that additional income, all the more reason to push for more family-friendly policies, like paid leave and the option of working from home. Just be warned, babies make terrible assistants.

[H/T] New York Magazine