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Science Explains Why You Sort Of Want To Punch The Early Birds At Work

You’re a parent, so you’re not an “early bird” — you’re just sleep deprived. And, you probably don’t want to deal with anyone else who’s psyched to be awake early because your kids have that job more than covered. But Jimmy Chipper at the office, whose favorite phrase is “Happy Monday!”, clearly can’t read a room, and a new report explains why: Morning people aren’t as emotionally intelligent as they think they are.

Researchers from the University of Arizona, who presented their findings at the SLEEP 2016 event in June, looked at emotional intelligence in 2 ways: How people gauge the emotions of others, and how they see their own. Self reporting determined the latter, but researchers determined people’s ability to read others. They did not find morning people to be any more or less emotionally intelligent than night people — but the morning people certainly thought they were. Their self reporting on emotional intelligence displayed the widest gap between self perception and the perception of the experts. So, now you have another reason to be annoyed by these people.

Morning People Can’t Read Emotions As Well As They Think They Can

Details of the study will be released in a few months, and add to a growing body of data on this bird-owl feud. In the meantime, go ahead and add cluelessness to the list of things early birds suffer from — a list that already includes being less smart and worse in bed. Take that, Jimmy Chipper.

[H/T] Van Winkles