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Adorable Viral Video Show Two Kids With Downs Meeting By Chance

Holly Graham's family was having a "nightmare" travel experience, until fate stepped in.

Sometimes it’s hard not to believe in fate when something you didn’t know you needed happens by chance. That’s what happened with these two families. They were seated next to each other during a flight, all by chance, and it gave their kids something special. Holly Graham and her family was traveling home to Calgary when they had a fantastic experience with fellow passengers. She shared her story on Facebook, and it’s so feel-good it’s gone viral. Here’s what happened.

Graham was traveling home from Florida to Calgary with her wife, Alex, and their two adopted sons, Jaxson and Nikko, both of who have Down syndrome. The family didn’t have an easy time getting home between canceled flights, an unexpected overnight stay, and their two kids who were feeling the stress made their trip home a “nightmare travel experience,” according to Graham.

However, that all changed for the family once they boarded their last plane home. She tells TODAY, “We sit down, we get the kids settled, we’re watching people file on the plane, and we noticed a couple with their young man of a son who had Down syndrome.” And their experience inspired the now-viral open letter note Graham posted to Facebook.

The Facebook post reads, “I watched you and your husband board the plane with your handsome 20-year-old son who had Down syndrome. My insides freaked out when you sat right in front of me. On a giant plane with hundreds of people…. it was meant to be!!”

Graham continued explaining, “Your son kept turning around and playing with my boy. They were holding hands and making faces to each other. You tried to distract your boy from ‘bugging’ the people behind you. But then you turned around and saw my 5-year-old who also has Down syndrome. Your face lit up!! You started playing with him from between the seats.”

Graham told TODAY that she usually considers herself a helicopter parent and her son is typically shy around strangers, but not during this flight – he got along so well with the other family who helped entertain him during the trip.

“Her son was petting Niko’s face, kissing his cheek,” Graham said to TODAY. “It was just so neat, watching this mother just love on him. I just knew that she saw her past when she looked into Niko’s eyes. It was so cool to see that love that she had for him, and she didn’t even know him or us.”

To the Mama in row 19I watched you and your husband board the plane with your handsome 20 year old son who had Down…

Posted by Holly Graham on Saturday, February 29, 2020

Unfortunately, when the plane landed, neither family thought to exchange contact information, and this is what inspired the Facebook open letter: “To the Mama in row 19. Thank you.” It’s now been shared over 60,000 times, garnering 115,000 reactions and over 7,000 comments.

Hopefully, the viral note made it’s way to the family, and they know what their kindness did for this family.