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A Mom is Warning Parents After Her Son Was Strangled By Corded Blinds

Over 300 kids have been killed by corded blinds over the last 25 years.

Getty Images

A mom’s social media post has gone viral, as she is warning other parents to be aware of the dangers of corded blinds after her three-year-old son was nearly strangled to death.

“I have gone back and forth about posting this or not posting this, but I believe if this post saves one child’s life, it’s worth being vulnerable,” Arika Hernandez wrote in the emotional and informative post that has been shared over 58,000 times in just two weeks.

According to Hernandez, her son climbed on top of a bunk bed in an attempt to reach the cord, which he then tried to turn into a necklace. Unfortunately, as he climbed down the bunk bed’s ladder, the cord tightened around his neck and began to choke him. As the cord tightened, he began to scream for his parents and jumped down onto the floor. Thankfully, his jump caused the cord to snap and freed him but not before causing the young boy serious pain.

“This is something I didn’t think my kids would do because I am constantly nagging them about not putting things around their neck,” she wrote.

The post also features several graphic photos showing how her son’s neck looked due to the blinds. Several photos show serious marks on his neck.

WARNING SENSITIVE MATERIAL BELOW! I have gone back and forth about posting this or not posting this but I believe if…

Posted by Arika Hernandez on Friday, January 11, 2019

Sadly, this is a problem that is far too common and often times it can lead to a far more devastating ending. A study from 2017 found that over 300 children under age six have been killed by corded blinds since 1990, with at least 17,000 children facing injuries. In an attempt to limit these injuries, a new industry-wide standard was enacted in December that is meant to limit the production of corded blinds due to the risk of child strangulation.

“No corded blinds are safe,” Hernandez wrote as a final plea. “Please, please, please take my message and take action now!”